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Oncological wigs

From the beginning, the most important idea of Monje´s has been gave a natural an efficient solution to the problems derived of hair loose just for natural causes, diseases or because radiotherapy treatments.

That is why at the same time that we want to cover an essential need of the look and self-confidence of the people who are affected by the hair loose, we develop our designs following the beauty rules and the fashion of each time, updating our line products to give a global servicer to our clients. We get this starting from a product very well done, with innovating materials and the best quality, using cuts and tendency colors and of course, adapting them to each person and making all the necessary adaptations over the chosen model by the client.

"Stylish oncology solutions"

peluca oncologica

e offer a great variety of wigs, tails, hair extensions, complements and professional stuff used by the best hairstylist and designers.

We place wigs for your disposal in three different systems of construction to guarantee a comfortable adjustment, made in breathable material and with a perfect suit to your head.

Our hair extensions are made in the best 100% natural hair, so it will give you a quick looking change. To complete your needs we offer you three different techniques to fit your needs. "You will leave our hairdressing salon with a refresh and renewed look".

If you need increase the volume of your hair we offer you tails of plain and curly hair available in different sizes to cover oll your needs or just for that personal look you are looking for.

We always be pleasured to help you out choosing the system that better fits on you.

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